Moisture resistant Wooden Element

For the first time in history, vacuum drying process has been harnessed as an fast and easy onsite maintenance service for a construction element.This eliminates moisture problems and enables an extremely long life cycle. Wooden structures can now be used in conditions and places where this has never been possible before.


The pilot unit

  • The VWT Plant Factory at the Natural Resources Institute Finland since 2021.
  • Wood-based Plant Factory is the first of its kind in the entire world.
  • Excellent energy efficiency: No heating even during the Nordic winter (only LED lights)
  • 0% of concrete utilized
  • Health data from each element since 2020; elements are as new.
  • No rain protection needed during the construction phase

100+ years life cycle

  • VWT technology offers extra long life cycle
  • Carbon negative status due to amount of carbon stored inside the element
  • VWT Elements are modular and reusable

Moisture monitoring

  • Remote moisture content monitoring and historical data collection
  • Each element has lifetime data documented for added value
  • Maintenance once per 2+ years
  • Cool roof integrated

Excellent insulation

  • U-value < 0.2 W/(m²K); R-value > 5 (m²K)/W
  • Super insulation option under R&D that offers even 6 times better insulation than current materials.
  • Dynamic insulation option under R&D: turn off the insulation during night for more efficient cooling

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