“The construction industry will not reach its climate goals unless we start doing things differently.”

– Pasi Herranen, founder

Carbon negative construction modules with a lifespan of over a hundred years.

Climate goals are outpacing the development of construction technology.

The construction industry is responsible for over 40% of all global CO2 emissions. This is just the construction of buildings. Once ready, buildings further add to the problem by requiring lavish and wasteful methods for heating, cooling and maintenance.

We exist to change this.

A new “Paris” is built every week

Construction creates 40% of global waste stream

Construction emits 40% of global CO2 emissions

Buildings use 40% of global energy


We offer intelligent and adaptive construction modules

We offer a construction module that gives the building a lifespan of over a hundred years.

Our modules are extremely versatile and can adapt to various applications. They are suitable for any location and any weather condition.

By utilizing vacuum in a simple and controllable way the lack of moisture in the wood will halt all decomposition. It is as if time stops inside the module.

The vacuum technology also gives the structure unparalleled and dynamic insulation properties.

During its extended life the solution accumulates enormous savings both environmentally and financially in heating, cooling and maintenance of the building.

Our modules can adapt to a wide variety of applications in any environment

Wood is a carbon based, natural material. Just like our bodies. This makeks wood asethetically nice and aproachable. We see this as the true bench test. By offering a material that is humane by nature, we reduce the need for additional materials.

Our pilot project takes the concept of livable spaces and expands upon it in multiple dimensions: technical and scalable superiority. Vertical farm is extremely fragile and demanding habitat for a structure resulting in a significant waste of energy if executed traditionally. We set out to create the most ecological vertical farm possible to demonstrate that our technology truly delivers on its claims.

Lean by design

We pride ourselves as an agile tech company rather than a construction supplier. The construction industry has traditionally been slow to adapt. As a result, climate goals have outpaced the technological development. Our modules are standardized to be manufactured at any typical manufacturing line world-wide.

We seek partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our passion in building health. Let us know if you are out there.

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