Dryable Elements for Any Environment

Sustainable solutions for major challenges of construction industry. Our mission is to keep People, Planet and Property healthy.


Solutions for sustainable constructions

Patented VIS technology can make our carbon negative wooden elements last even in the most demanding and moisture conditions over 100 years. We can real time monitor and remove all unwanted moisture from the elements while buildings are in use.

Click here to check the real time moisture content of our first industrial element standing under the sky. The vacuum drying process can be seen in action between 16th and 27th of August (the daily temperature changes are still causing some cyclic movement to the data)

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 Mission to keep People, Planet and Property Healthy

  • The construction industry is responsible for more than 33% of all emissions and buildings use more than 40% of all energy in the world.
  • Our carbon negative wood based elements will offer even 6 to 7 times better thermal insulation than commonly used materials providing a huge opportunity to save energy [Super Insulation on R&D by 2026 at the latest] Carbon negativity means that even  hybrid projects can have a low-carbon status.
  • The most amazing thing in our patented innovation is the moisture control system. We can real time monitor and remove any unwanted moisture from the elements  while the buildings are in use. We can offer sustainable, wood based elements in environment, climates and conditions where it would not otherwise be possible.
  • We can guarantee that our wood based structures remain dry and last for more than 100 years and store carbon.  

  • Moisture in structures is one of the biggest problems in construction and public health. 

  • Millions of people in the world dies every year from toxins caused by mould and hundreds of millions become seriously ill. This happens in New York, London, Berlin, Las Vegas, Helsinki… everywhere! We can play our part in preventing this.

  • Our mission is to keep People, Planet and Property healthy. 

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